Entrepreneur, hyper optimistic, lucky, in love, proud and grateful Founder & CEO at NOGALES&A
Currently I live in Madrid (Spain) where I'm sharing my life with Miriam. I have four children: Rulo, Marieta, Manuela and Bruno.
I was living in several places around the world and obtained a valuation by PADEMOBILE in 2015 for more than 200 millions dollars in USA and Mexico.
I helped create and I continue to contribute to financial inclusion around the world. Today WYMM has more than 5 millions users in Mexico.
I arrived in Mexico in 2008 for first time and I founded in 2009 HalCash Mexico with some Spanish banks like partners.
I love arcade video games. I love 8 bits. I develop video games. I'm founder and CEO at LUEGOLU3GO STUDIOS. A dream comes true.
I wrote several poetry, novel and technology books. I was best-seller in 1998 with my book about Lotus Notes (McGraw-Hill). 
When I was 12 years old I had my first computer (MSX). One year later I wrote pokes in assembler and published my first press release in Micromanía.
In spite of all the above ... I am just a Moratalaz's boy.